About The Poem – To Her, Who Turned.

A Brutal Tragedy that’s the only phrase I got when I saw Little Boss coming and reading my post and poem and left without a word. This poem sprouted a drip of blood from that thought… Enjoy…

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On Another Note:
A busy week and I will be in Milwaukee on December 3rd evening. I will be there through the weekend. This is a crazy time.. Too many people are getting sick of this virus… I am doing all I can to keep myself safe. The problem is lack of activity for the body.. I used to walk a lot when I was in Milwaukee..now I only drive and then sit around at the desk giving instructions through WhatsApp. I need to find time to do some exercise…
As for Little Boss.. I really felt awkward when she came to my site like a stranger … Bridge is you dear… this poem is also about you as nothing felt is prettier than you.

About The Poem – Bridge

In Islamic theology, there is this mention of a bridge one has to pass to get to paradise. For the sinners, the bridge is so narrow they will fall down to hellfire. For the faithful who had done good, the bridge will be wide and lighted they pass the bridge with ease. I think I will pass that bridge with ease because I love her, my darling, my Little Boss, with all purity, sincerity, sanctity, and honesty. That thought triggered this poem. Enjoy.

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On Another Note:
To be a manager is a tough gig. Especially, when it comes to firing people. My boss hired some really rough people. Some with ADD another who is autistic. I needed to fire them out. When it comes to business, one cannot have too many sentiments for the people who work with you. It will only lead to more misery. I faced that situation. I felt bad for being the badass but you know what there is only one manager in the world who was loved and still being loved by a subordinate… Little Boss.
Little Boss, will you ever thank me for at least once making you smile… just remember me during Thanksgiving.

About The Poem – Love That Sizzles Through Your Veins

When one thinks in every possible righteousness but the righteousness is not enough to be on the side of the right, anyone will get a bit frustrated. That started this poem in my mind. There was another incident that I will detail in the ‘note’ for one to understand what helped to finish this poem. Enjoy.

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On Another Note:
I am in Milwaukee, I came for a visit on Oct 26th. The day started off with me reaching the Kansas city Union station at 7:00AM to know the train is late by 4 hours. It was snowing and my brother drove me back. My sister-in-law when going out for her work told me.. see even Allah is telling you not to go. I still came. No regrets… Allah didn’t tell me not to go. Allah’s creations did. I didn’t go out much .. it was a time for reflections as I found something tragic… I used to feed these two racoon babies in the summer and last time I came they were there in the backyard. Then before I left they disappeared. I left and came back only after a month… when I opened the garage it was smelling bad… They went in there and hide there. Poor things died of hunger and thirst. I said “If I stayed here, this would have never happened”. Yup, it is time for me to get back in here. Time to find a job that pays my bills in Milwaukee and be where I want to be. Not where Allah’s creations want me to be.
Little Boss, Love is a magic of which the taste may not always give you happiness. But it will balance the emotions to give you pleasantness. Read the poem dear… you will know me a little more better.

About The Poem – The Surrender.

“I have no such feelings, because, I am in my mid-twenties and you are much older”. Those words echo through every bit of my love… still love survived and I love her. A reality she and I have to live with for the rest of our lives. The thought about it came as I was told not to go to Wisconsin as Corona is ravaging the state….. From that thought, I wrote this poem.

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My sister-in-law’s cousin got the virus… she is a doctor so she is taking care of herself. Even though she is my sister-in-law’s cousin.. she is like a young sister I never had. All my prayers for her. I am busy as hell with work, wearing a mask I drive through the stateline road up and down, left and right. I haven’t taken a day off in nearly a month… the only thought I have outside of work is my love… Little Boss.
Little Boss, be careful out there… my love filled prayers are for you.

About The Poem – The Fighter II

In these incredibly tough but interesting times we have proven the resilience of us the wonderful humans. That’s where the thought about the fighter came up. After writing the first version in a generalized way I thought no, it can’t be generalized at all. The fighter is her who keeps my love for her growing, glowing, and blazing. That’s what this poem is about… once more
The Poems Is For You Little Boss.

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On Another Note:
The father of my friend and also my boss was sick and he passed away. So I am still in Kansas as I am taking care of his stores. This is not the time for vacationing even though I know I should be somewhere close to Milwaukee for her birthday. The closer I am, I feel like being part of that birthday celebration.
Little Boss, hand on heart can you in all faith deny?