About The Poem – The Cleansed Heart.

Some of these phrases were written on different days. I couldn’t sleep much for personal reasons so I came back to my den and wrote this poem from those phrases. The idea is basically telling Little Boss, she is my happiness and I will keep her away from unhappiness. Enjoy.

Here is the Link to the Poem.

Photo by AndriyKo Podilnyk on Unsplash

On Another Note:
My mom had a bit of a mishap, she took some pressure medication and her sodium level fell way below and early morning she woke up and fell down. Got couple of fractures on her shoulder that requires a small surgery. That kept me up most of the night. She is 84 so I am keeping my fingers crossed.
Little Boss, whatever that is bothering you, making you sad or angry or upset. Those are past times… I am your present, I am your future. With all the love you can imagine and beyond.