About The Poem – Dreams Don’t Expire

The title wow came with an unforgettable image. So I started from there. This poem is not an easy one to understand but once you get it you will know how simple it is. When a person plays a cat and mouse game in a love relationship, the world enjoys but when it comes to a total denial of reality the world will curse you.. That was the thought… see how it all came out..

Here is the Link to the Poem.

Photo by Apostolos Vamvouras on Unsplash

On Another Note:
Those who have wondered what is going on with me.. go to my Facebook page LonPoet and see the live videos. So in a new place, a new set of ideas and work damn it. In all honesty, this is a serious sidetracking. There will come a time I will stop forgiving.
Little Boss, if you tell me, in two years you didn’t understand the depth of love between us then that’s the biggest lie the devil is whispering into your ears. I do like a little cat and mouse game… but do no push the wrong buttons on me for too long. Whether is is Google Cloud or French SAS or Digital Ocean Servers I know when you come into mysite and what you read.. our souls are connected no matter how much you deny it, or you will not visit my site in the middle of the night to see what I am saying. Enjoy my writings but keep in mind, the love in you for me is only increasing.