About The Poem – The Torn Veil.

Relationship between two people can get complicated pretty fast if not controlled in the early stages but both parties. There are many factors from people and events and circumstances that can bring friction. When thinking about those things again and again I thought it is like throwing a veil around reality. What can be the reasons for tearing up that veil and take love to better level in life? Read on…

Here is the Link to the Poem.

On Another Note:

      Friday drive, evening dinner and late-night… then Saturday spending some time with a couple of friends watching a baseball game on TV and then Sunday almost all afternoon spent with old friends catching up with places we walked around… Yeah, I will miss those evening walks and coffee shop gatherings. But it all came down to economic factors that took me away from my favorite place and darling. I apologize.

    Little Boss, I will never challenge you, I will always respect you and the choices you make. Or you would have seen me in front of you many times already.  I hope you will find some ways to give that respect back with love. You are an incredibly amazing person… I feel that… Pray that the future is well lit times that bring smiles and joy.