About The Poem – The Fighter II

In these incredibly tough but interesting times we have proven the resilience of us the wonderful humans. That’s where the thought about the fighter came up. After writing the first version in a generalized way I thought no, it can’t be generalized at all. The fighter is her who keeps my love for her growing, glowing, and blazing. That’s what this poem is about… once more
The Poems Is For You Little Boss.

Here is the Link to the Poem.

Photo by Victor Ene on Unsplash

On Another Note:
The father of my friend and also my boss was sick and he passed away. So I am still in Kansas as I am taking care of his stores. This is not the time for vacationing even though I know I should be somewhere close to Milwaukee for her birthday. The closer I am, I feel like being part of that birthday celebration.
Little Boss, hand on heart can you in all faith deny?