About The Poem – Love That Sizzles Through Your Veins

When one thinks in every possible righteousness but the righteousness is not enough to be on the side of the right, anyone will get a bit frustrated. That started this poem in my mind. There was another incident that I will detail in the ‘note’ for one to understand what helped to finish this poem. Enjoy.

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Model Eva Maria

On Another Note:
I am in Milwaukee, I came for a visit on Oct 26th. The day started off with me reaching the Kansas city Union station at 7:00AM to know the train is late by 4 hours. It was snowing and my brother drove me back. My sister-in-law when going out for her work told me.. see even Allah is telling you not to go. I still came. No regrets… Allah didn’t tell me not to go. Allah’s creations did. I didn’t go out much .. it was a time for reflections as I found something tragic… I used to feed these two racoon babies in the summer and last time I came they were there in the backyard. Then before I left they disappeared. I left and came back only after a month… when I opened the garage it was smelling bad… They went in there and hide there. Poor things died of hunger and thirst. I said “If I stayed here, this would have never happened”. Yup, it is time for me to get back in here. Time to find a job that pays my bills in Milwaukee and be where I want to be. Not where Allah’s creations want me to be.
Little Boss, Love is a magic of which the taste may not always give you happiness. But it will balance the emotions to give you pleasantness. Read the poem dear… you will know me a little more better.

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