About The Poem – Bridge

In Islamic theology, there is this mention of a bridge one has to pass to get to paradise. For the sinners, the bridge is so narrow they will fall down to hellfire. For the faithful who had done good, the bridge will be wide and lighted they pass the bridge with ease. I think I will pass that bridge with ease because I love her, my darling, my Little Boss, with all purity, sincerity, sanctity, and honesty. That thought triggered this poem. Enjoy.

Here is the Link to the Poem.

On Another Note:
To be a manager is a tough gig. Especially, when it comes to firing people. My boss hired some really rough people. Some with ADD another who is autistic. I needed to fire them out. When it comes to business, one cannot have too many sentiments for the people who work with you. It will only lead to more misery. I faced that situation. I felt bad for being the badass but you know what there is only one manager in the world who was loved and still being loved by a subordinate… Little Boss.
Little Boss, will you ever thank me for at least once making you smile… just remember me during Thanksgiving.